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Terms & Conditions


1.The person who rents a vehicle, called CLIENT or RENTER, has to read the following T&C and approve it by signing the contract at the rental location. Premium Rent reserves it's right to refuse a rental or to extend the rental period.

1.1 Forms Of Payment: Valid Passport and Drivers License in the name of the main renter are required to make the rental agreement possible and viable. Cash payment or Debit Card is only allowed if a type of Protection has been accepted (see point 7.Security Policies). Otherwise, the customer must present a Valid Credit Card on his name upon picking up the vehicle. Types of Accepted Credit Cards are Mastercard and Visa. The Deposit refunds will be settled up to a maximum of 30 days from the date of pick up. At the time of rental, if one of our protection packages has been purchased, a deposit / franchise varying from € 50 to € 500 (the amount depends on the vehicle and the selected security policy), will be retained. If no protection is chosen, the excess  varies from  € 700 and € 2400. 

2.The Rental Period: 2.1 the period between the agreed Date and Hour of pick-up and the agreed Date and Hour of Drop-off. With the written consent of the Company, with at least 48 hours ahead of initial drop-off, the rental period can be extended, meaning that the new Drop-off Date and Hour becomes the agreed return date and hour extended. Extension or late returns which were not announced 24h prior to the date and time of drop-off will be subjected to 100 € penalty along with the additional extended rental days. Dropping-off the car in another location must be communicated with at least 24 hours ahead and will be charged with 1 €/km for locations outside Bucharest, and 50 € for inside Bucharest or Otopeni Airport. The company has the right to monitor the vehicle by remote electronic monitoring tools, has the right to locate, stop and recover the vehicle used outside the Romania. 2.2 Premium Rent can get into the possession of the vehicle without telling it to the Client if Premium Rent considers that the Client broke the Terms and Conditions of this Rental Agreement or if the Client provided false information.

3. Agreed Terms and Conditions. For the purpose of this Rental Agreement as for any Insurance provided under point 7 of this Agreement (as well as the TPL) the Client is obligated to: 3.1 Provide true and accurate information to Premium Rent for this Rental Agreement. False information can allow Premium Rent to cancel the Agreement and any other Insurance. 3.2 The persons who are not mentioned in this Rental Agreement as Drivers or Additional Drivers are not allowed to drive the vehicle under any circumstances.3.3 At the Date and Hour of Pick-up the Client has to verify the vehicle and communicate any problems to Premium Rent before picking-up the vehicle and driving it (including here the verify of the damages mentioned in the Pick-up/Drop-off report). During the Rental Period, the Client will be in possession of all legal documents of the car (in duplicate or original state, depending of the need of use)

4. Responsibilities of Premium Rent. 4.1 The car rental company has to provide a vehicle that is in its operational parameters, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. At the Date and Hour of Pick-up, the vehicle must be in good working conditions. 4.2 If the vehicle is not in good working conditions (stated by an authorized mechanic or not according to the manufacturer’s manual; here the client’s personal opinion or preference is not included and not to be taken into consideration - for example, if the Client thinks that the car runs too slow), the car rental company will supply another similar vehicle within 48 hours. If the car rental company does not supply another vehicle, then it will return the Client’s money for the remaining rental period. 4.3 Premium Rent is not responsible for damages and losses given to problems that are not in the control of the car rental company: 4.3.1 Premium Rent is free of blame and responsibilities and costs (including legal ones) that are not covered by the Insurance mentioned in the Rental Agreement (see point 7); 4.3.2  Premium Rent is free of blame and responsibilities against any charges or accusations if the Client breaks this Rental Agreement, both its terms and conditions specified. 

5. Responsibilities of the client during the Rental Period: 5.1 The client will respect the terms and conditions of Insurance Policies, in case he/she acquires one of the Insurances at number 7 of this Rental Agreement. 5.2. Besides the natural working damages of the vehicle, the Client will be responsible for any damages brought to the rented vehicle during the Rental Period and will cover any repairing costs (no matter who is guilty) and financial damages suffered by Premium Rent because of the repairing the vehicle (for example losing other booking agreements). The value of the damages suffered by Premium Rent because of the repairs will be equal to the normal rental fee assigned to the rental period in which the car is not being used. Also, the Client  will cover all the administrative costs of the damages. 5.3 The Client will notify as soon as possible Premium Rent regarding the loss of the vehicle, damages or problems to it. If further damages are to appear, the Client is not allowed to use the vehicle without the permission of Premium Rent. 5.4 The Client must take care of the vehicle, making sure that it is properly closed and secured when not in use, that it is properly secured from bad weather conditions . 5.5 The Client has to make sure that he/she properly fuels the vehicle, knowing the type of fuel it needs, must verify and maintain an adequate oil level, must verify and maintain the proper tire pressure, must verify the level of the cooling liquid. In contrary, the Client will be responsible for all the damages caused by the above mentioned. 5.6 The Client has to make sure that the rented vehicle is used in legal conditions and in accordance to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The Client will not overload the vehicle beyond the legal limit or the manufacturer’s limit. The Client will not use the car for transporting passengers over the law limit or manufacturer’s limit. 5.7 The Client will insure the goods that he/she carries with rented vehicle and will not transport dangerous, toxic or inflammable goods. 5.8 The Client will not use the rented vehicle on unauthorized roads or restricted roads. 5.9 The Client will not use the rented vehicle for competition.5.10. The Client will not use the rented vehicle for car towing or other activities that are not approved by this rental agreement, Premium Rent, the law / authorities or the manufacturer’s recommendation.      5.11 The Client will not allow other persons to drive or use the rented vehicle without Premium Rent consent. 5.12 The Client will not use or drive the rented vehicle in illegal means, will not use or drive the rented vehicle under drug use, alcohol use, medication use or any other toxic substance use. 5.13 The Client has to inform Premium Rent regarding the location and conditions of the rented vehicle when asked. 5.14 The Client is NOT allowed to sell, rent or foreign the rented vehicle. 5.15 The Client will not use the rented car for public transport. The Client will not use the rented vehicle as a reward. 5.16 The Client will not eliminate the features or signals that state the origins of the vehicle. 5.17  Except repairs that cost less than the amount of the „Excess” or „Deposit” mentioned in the Rental Agreement, the Client is not allowed to repair or allow repairs of the rented vehicle without the approve of Premium Rent. The minor repairs must be solved by an authorized mechanic approved by Premium Rent. 5.18 The Client has to cover the cost of fees and penalties caused by using the vehicle outside the law of conditions of this Rental Agreement. The Client will cover administrative costs resulted from legal responsibilities (for example police fines, traffic fines).

6. Responsibility of Client towards returning the rented vehicle: 6.1 The Client has to return the rented vehicle at the Location, Date and Hour agreed in the rental agreement. In the contrary, Premium Rent will take back the vehicle no matter in which location, and the Client will cover the cost of the procedure. Any extension or delay of the rental agreement that was not announced 24H prior to the date and time of drop-off will be charged with the price for vehicle rental for 3 days (for example, if the vehicle costs € 20/day, the extension or delay of the rental agreement will be charged with € 60) along with the rental fee for the extended days of rental. 6.2 If the returning of the rented vehicle implies additional costs for Premium Rent, the Client will cover them. 6.3 The Client is responsible for the rented vehicle until he/she returns the vehicle and its keys to Premium Rent. If the Client returns the rented vehicle at the agreed location when closing hours, then the client is responsible for the rented vehicle until the location is open and the keys are returned to Premium Rent in terms according to this rental agreement. 6.4 If the rented vehicle is not returned at the Date and Hour agreed in the rental agreement, Premium Rent will notify the authorities. Also, if the rented vehicle is returned earlier than agreed, by will of the client, Premium Rent will not give back the amount of money for the rental period which remains.

7.Insurance policies: 7.1 Loss Damage Waiver is an optional coverage which reduces your responsibility in case of an accident to the excess amount of the vehicle and can be purchased before signing the rental agreement. The cost of LDW depends on the type of the vehicle selected and the number of the requested rental daysLDW  does not cover damages produced to the exterior and mechanical components: chassis, engine, clutch, battery, locks, components on the underside of the vehicle, windows/windscreen, ceiling. LDW does not cover any service that is not authorized by our company, including repairs or roadside assistance charges; cleanliness or damage from inside the vehicle  damage/losses of keys or the children seats, GPS or other „extra” equipment; Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; negligence or premeditated actions; illicit/illegal using; driving the vehicle by unauthorized people (under the age, undeclared, etc.) driving the vehicle under off-road conditions, on mountain trails, on roads restricted to public access etc● Damage caused to the wheels/tires or the vehicle interior; breaking rules - for example exceeding the speed limit, etc.

7.2 Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) – is optional and reduce the customer's liability to a franchise between € 50 to € 500 depends of vehicle type. If selected, it must be purchased before the signing of the rental agreement.

7.3 SRC- Super Relax Cover - is optional and reduces customer liability to Zero in case of an accident. SRC covers: damages to the exterior of the car or to mechanical components such as: metal, chassis, hood, glass, locks, engine, clutch, battery, immobilization costs. SRC does not cover unauthorized repairs to the vehicle, road assistance, cleaning fees or damages produced to the interior of the vehicle.

7.4 Additional Insurance: Tire Protection – cost 7 € /day and covers damages produced to wheels and tires

7.5 Roadside Assistance – costs 7 € /day and covers towing hitch//platform up to 500 € 

 In the event that the rental car is involved in an accident (single & third party) or is stolen, the driver must obtain the relevant report from the Romanian Police and in addition an administration fee which varies from 50 € to 70,00 € including tax will apply in addition to the excess. Failure to do so or failure to provide a correct completed police report to the rental agent on return of the vehicle, the driver will be liable for the total cost of the damage up to and including the full value of the vehicle, including loss of use, administrative cost and depreciation.

 Costs of towing hitch//platform or improper fueled the vehicle, lack of fuel are not covered by any insurance or the inside of the machine and any other damage from incorrect use or negligence. In the event of damage to the lessor expects does not accept the forms of "Certified amicable settlement between the parties". Note: In the event that the customer loses or damages the vehicle keys, acts of the original vehicle or optional equipment (ticket parking, temporary plate), Premium Rent will retain the entire amount of costs for damages/loses.

8. Age Restrictions: Minimum rental age is 19 years for Economy, Compact, 24 years old for other classes. Under-Ages between 19-24 and Senior Drivers, over 65 years old, are surcharged with € 10/day, up to maximum of € 100/rental. Driver’s License: All Clients and Drivers must present a valid drivers license at the rental counter. Additional Drivers must meet all qualifications as the primary driver in regards to age and license requirements. Charges for additional drivers -  € 6/day. Maximum 2 additional drivers are allowed per vehicle and all are subject to € 6/day.

9. Client obligations in case of accident, theft or damage: If the vehicle or goods are stolen or involved in an accident, the customer must: 9.1 The Client must transmit as soon as possible all the information to the car rental company and the Insurer and send a notice in writing to the office of the car rental company within 24 hours of the date of the occurrence of the event (if the customer is injured or is in default to report the accident in the circumstances referred to, he/she will submit the information in the shortest possible time). 9.2 The Client has to ensure that the driver writes and sends to Premium Rent the written accident report. If the accident/event was produced by an unknown author, the Client must obtain the report and the consent of the authorities up to the Date/Time of return of the vehicle. The Client has an obligation to ensure that all damages have been included/specified in the repair report. 9.3 The Client will not be able to empower anyone else to respond in place or by the competent authorities 9.4 The Client agrees to obtain the names and addresses of all witnesses and give them to Premium Rent 9.5 The Client must transmit in the shortest time to Premium Rent all the documents, letters or notices issued by a third party and of all the documents relating to possible actions in court. 9.6 The Client must help Premium Rent and the Insurance company in any legal action or court of justice.

10. Driving Abroad: Premium and Luxury vehicles can not leave the Romanian territory. Vehicles in other categories may run in European countries subject to prior written notification and written acceptance of the company, with an admissible limit of 250 km/day. For additional km there will be a charge of 0.3 €/km. In order to travel with the rented vehicle outside the country, the customer has to pay a border fee: 100 € for less than 5 days of rental or 15 € / day for rents longer than 5 days. In order to travel outside the European Union, the border fee will be 150 € for less than 5 days and 30 € / day for rentals for more than 5 days. It is forbidden to leave the territory of Romania without the written consent of the company. Otherwise, a sanction / penalty will be applied, which is a doubling of the border fee. In case of damage or technical problems, the customer has the obligation to transport the vehicle on the territory of Romania, at its place of pick-up, at its own cost.

11. Cancellation Policy:  if you cancel 48 hours or more before your rental is due to start, the money you’ve paid will be refunded. If you cancel in the 48 hours period before pick-up, the money you’re paid will be refunded, minus 50 € cancellation fee. If you booked for less than 50 €, there won’t be any additional charge, but you won’t receive any refund. If you fail to pick the car up at the arranged time and date and fail to inform us with 48 hours before your rental starts about new pick up time a No Show Fee will apply and you won’t receive any refund. You can amend your rental, free of charge, at any point before your rental is due to start. Please call us to 0040747134901 - available on whatsapp as well, if you wish to amend your booking. Certain amendments could affect the rental price, such as location, car group or time or date. If it does, you will be charged at current published price. 

12. Fuel Policy: At the moment of pick up, the car is given with a certain amount of fuel which is marked in the check out form. Please make sure you return the car with the same level of fuel otherwise you will  pay in full the cost of the rest of the fuel plus € 40 as commission of administration.

13. Additional taxes: 13.1 Dislocation tax: if the Client wants to return the vehicle to a location other than the one specified in the contract he/she must notify Premium Rent with a minimum of 24 hours before the Drop-off Date/Time and return must be validated by the car rental company. For this service the client will pay a fee € 1/km traveled for locations outside Bucharest and 50 eur for locations inside Bucharest of Otopeni Airport.. 13.2 Out of Hour tax (outside the business hours): for the delivery or return of the vehicle outside the business hours of Premium Rent, the Client will pay a fee of € 24. The rental schedule: Monday - Friday from 09:00 AM – 07:00 PM, Saturday -Sunday from 09:00 AM-01:00 PM 13.3 If at the moment of Drop-off, the rented vehicle needs more than a standard washing procedure for returning to its initial pick-up conditions, the client will pay an extra tax of € 500 (beautifying, cleaning the inside of the car) 13.4 For cleaning the child-seat tapestry, the Client will pay € 50. 13.5 In the event that the Client loses or damages the vehicle keys, original documents of the vehicle or optional equipment (parking ticket, plates, temporary plates), Premium Rent will retain the entire amount referred to in as Excess or Deposit. 13.6 Child Seat: € 5/day. 13.7 Snow chains: € 5/day. 13.8 Option Full: € 100 - the Client may opt for payment of a full in advance and return the vehicle with the fuel tank empty. 13.9 Car Wifi - € 7/day 13.10 System GPS Satellite Navigation: € 10 / day.13.11 Snow chains: € 5/day. 13.12 Car Wifi - € 7 / day 13.13 During the period between 1 November and 31 March, winter tires are mandatory and will be charged at € 5 / day.

14. Legislation: The laws of the country in which this Rental Agreement is signed shall apply to this Contract and any court which will forward to the actions relating to this Contract will comply with the legislation of the country of reference. All Tax in this T&C contain VAT.

Company Registration Details: Premium Rent, registred trademark of SC Premium Drax SRL, registered office at Bucharest-Romania, Ilfov-Otopeni, Calea Bucurestilor 291B, workstation, company number J10/700/2012, VAT number RO30571025





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