Rent a car for drive at night 2

Driving at night in Romania

Collecting and driving your hire car at night can be unavoidable if you’re picking up your vehicle from the airport after your flight has arrived. If you’re planning long journey driving in the dark can be a necessity.

Our tips below will help make your collection and night-time driving as stress-free as possible.

Collecting at night – Out of Hours

It’s worth comparing suppliers during the booking process to check their out of hours’ collection fees. Many don’t operate 24 hours, so if you’re collecting in the middle of the night, you may be subject to an out of hours’ fee. These charges vary between suppliers so check the rental conditions. Premium rent operates 24/7 for reservations, no extra charge for pickup or return of the rental car at night in Bucharest Otopeni Airport. Should your collection be delayed, ensure you tell us and we’ll arrange a member of our staff is available to assist with your collection. 

Pick-up Instructions

Before Booking, decide how you want to collect your vehicle. In different locations, suppliers may offer different options. You can collect from the airport car park, or perhaps a shuttle bus will take you to the car hire depot. Consider which is more convenient and safer for you. Make sure you’re familiar with these instructions in advance. These will be shown on the website before booking and in the confirmation email that you will receive from Premium Rent Reservation Team.

Surveying the vehicle

No matter what time you collect the vehicle, always take the time to thoroughly survey the vehicle. Make sure the representative of the company records any pre-existing damage. Feel free to take photos of pre-existing damage on your smartphone or camera as evidence. Check before completing the survey that your photos have come out clearly and you can see the extent of the damage. Use the flash function if necessary.
Check that all the lights of the vehicle work before driving off and leaving the supplier.
This may be obvious but we all fall into the trap sometimes- if you’re departing from a multi-storey car park in the dark, make sure you switch your lights on!

Protect yourself when collecting and driving your hire car at night

You can easily choose an insurance policy to fully cover all damage to the car hire vehicle. All bookings through include full Third Party Liability(TPL) insurance with no excess liability for other traffic participants. We offer a top-up policy to cover the vehicle like SCDW(Super collision damage waiver) with minimum responsibility or SRC(Super Relax Cover) with ZERO Liability for damages. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that whatever damage happens to the vehicle, you won’t be out of pocket.