Masina de inchiriat Bucuresti 2

In Romania you drive on the right side of the road. There are no surprise for anyone who has visited mainland Europe. If you are accustomed to drive on the left, take care when turning at intersections and give priority to vehicle which is already on the roundabout. This is where the difference will be most pronounced.

Also if you don’t have an EU driver’s license you’ll need to get one for your next trip in Romania.

The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.20 grams/liter, equivalent to 0.15 mg/liter in exhaled air and is not punishable by the law. That means even one drink has the potential to put you over the limit. If you intend to have a drink or two, make sure you add a second driver at the beginning of your rental and someone else has driving duties covered.

The speed limits in Romania are 50km/h in the village, 90 km/h for other cat. Road, 100 km/h for National-European road and 130 km/h on the highway. However there is margin limit of 9km/h, for all road types, before you get a fine (ex: if the speed limit it is 50km/h you can drive with 59 km/h without being penalized). These defaults give way to speed limit sings, so always keep your eye out for sigs, so you know what the current limit is or you can use Google maps or Waze  J. If you don’t have internet connection, because rooming data is too expensive, you can choose your devices for Premium Rent, GPS navigations System for 3.5 euro/ day or CAR-WIFI with 4G connection for 6 euro/day.

Radar detectors are illegal in many countries in Europe, including Romania. If you are caught you could be fined. Speeding restrictions are strictly enforced and if receive a traffic fine this may be paid on the spot with cash payment, no CC are accepted. If you are involved in an accident, contact your supplier immediately and take photographs of the damage to your vehicle and obtain a police report. Premium Rent offer Road Assistance 24h/7 in Romania. Also in case of breakdown you need to carry a reflective jacket and use the warning triangle, this should be provided in your hire car. Be aware, if you break any driving laws, your driving license can be confiscated by Romanian Police.

Driving tips in Bucharest

Remember you should driving on the right side of the road as all continental Europe.

Drive cautiously and expect the unexpected, drivers in Bucharest tend to be more aggressive.

Don’t drink and drive, you can ruin your holiday.

Holiday luggage will make your vehicle heavier than usual so allow more time and distance for braking.