Car rental fuel tips Bucuresti

Fuel policy can be today a common issue for many low cost car rental companies. Although appearing as low rental rates, certain providers practice a hidden upfront fuel payments. Premium Rent operate and offer fair fuel policies guiding clients to choose the best option for their needs. The most common policies are Full to Full or Same to Same.

Full to Full

What does mean? Your rented vehicle will be supplied with a full thank of fuel and you’ll need to return it full of fuel. Some providers may require to present a refueling receipt on date and time of return, and must be from the nearest gas station near the airport (if not providing the refueling receipt, definitely will be an extra charge). Many customers prefer this method as it’s simple and straightforward. Other companies will require a fuel deposit at time of pick-up to cover the cost of the tank of fuel supplying you with. This Deposit will be refunded in full if you return the car with a fuel of tank. Be careful also some provider charge a non-refundable administration charge for providing a full tank of fuel. When you return the vehicle without a full tank, you’ll be charged for the cost of missing fuel. Refueling Fee, will also be charged to cover the company time refilling the car plus the missing fuel, most cases, at a higher pump price. Premium Rent charge for missing fuel pump price +  40 euros Refueling Fee.

Please note: at time of pick-up ask the agent where’s closest gas station point and refuel just before returning the car.

Same to Same

At the time of pick-up the agent will mark on pick-up/drop-off agreement the level of fuel and you’ll be asked to sign. Check that this record matches the fuel gauge before you drive because you’ll be required to return the vehicle hire with same level of fuel. Even if it’s a difficult policy you’ll get no refund if you return the car with more fuel then the time of pick-up. Make photo with the fuel tank on collection and again on return if the fuel policy come into question.


Full to Empty

A fuel policy that can mean trouble. You’ll have to pay for a full tank of fuel  on collection of the car. This fuel is then yours to use which might sound fair, until you return the car. You’re expected to return the car with an empty tank. Many people found that they were ultimately paying for fuel they weren’t using. No refunds are given for any fuel returned with the vehicle. Hirers were paying the inflated rate for fuel set by the supplier and then giving unused fuel back to them.

Please Note: If hiring a car with this policy, ensure you can travel enough to be able to return the vehicle with an empty tank, or as close to as possible, to avoid losing money! Or you can use Premium Rent Prepaid Fuel Policy and we will refund for the unused fuel tank.
Consider how much travelling you’ll be doing, the vehicle category you require, and how easy it will be for you to re-fuel. All these factors can help you decide which fuel policy is the best for you.