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Renting a car means making a series of choices that are tricky by design and also pricey too. First of all you need to understand the rules of car rental and how those rules are changing. You need to consider this all that before you get behind the rented wheel.

Choose what suits for you best! Compare costs, insurance and what them are covering, what is the value of Excess and do you need to let a deposit? Make sure about all extra “hidden fees” like Airport Fees, out of hours and during the winter season, winter tires fee. Sometimes even for refueling or missing fuel you will be charged, there will be traps and to avoid all those you may decide to pay in advance a prepay Fuel. Simple like that and you will return with an empty tank.

What company should you choose for? A famous one or local!?

On the market are many brands that aren’t “household names”, they’re good companies, and valued that have same cars at every different price point. Is not necessarily to rent a car because of the name or that they have office in terminal. Lots of people may flying into your destination, they are also looking to rent a car at the airport, meaning longer waits and more opportunities for things to go wrong or to pay double the price. Rates car be higher renting from the airport, partly due to tacked-on fees, facility charges and so on and part because that’s just where they need to get you.

So then what should I pick? Desk in terminal or MeEt&GreEt?

In Bucharest Airport all of the company, even those with desk in terminal, have the cars out from the terminal and you will be shuttled to the parking spots. So then? More money for “same company”, same new cars for same rental period?!

What about the car? Do I get the car i reserved?

Sometimes reserving a namely car, doesn’t actually secure you that car. Very often you will receive confirmation with “or Similar”, because pictures are only for information, not guaranteed. Picking a car rental through a travel search engine means looking at mostly identical entries, differentiated solely by price and pick-up location. To avoid not wake up with a similar car and avoid extra payment of local fees call before you click yes to anything, especially on busy holiday, summer or weekends.

Are there geographical or age restrictions?

Restrictions may apply for border across, even for rental contracts that feature unlimited mileage. Some car rental companies do not allow you to take their cars across certain international borders, or may apply an additional charge to do so. Call and ask about it! Ask about extra fees, ask about km. Most important ask about the Deposit held by the car rental company and ensure you have sufficient funds and if there are any age restrictions, additional charges may apply for drivers under 25. If the clerk has too many tips or avoid to talk about it…run away.

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